Dr. Sabine Blau
Internist, gastroenterologist and diabetologist

Dr. Sabine Blau was born in 1966 in Frankfurt am Main. Studies and receives doctorate in Human Medicine at Rupert Karl University, Heidelberg.

Specialisation with Prof. Dr. G. Adler at the University of Ulm, Prof. Dr. A. Knuth at Northwest Hospital, and Prof. Dr. C. Ell at Horst Schmidt Clinic in Wiesbaden

2001 Specialist in Internal Medicine
2004 Qualification: Gastroenterology
2005 - 2009 Senior Physician with Prof. Dr. W. Fischbach in Aschaffenburg, and at Hochtaunus Clinic in Bad Homburg v.d.H. with Prof. Dr. G. Rohr.
Since 2010 Gastroenterological clinic in Frankfurt am Main, cooperating with Drs. Mares, Rambow, & Hanig

Additional qualifications

Fellow European Board of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (FEBGH)
Certification in proctology
Qualification in emergency medicine
Qualification in radiation protection
Certification in diabetology
Responsible for dietary advice
Authorized to provide gastroenterology training: 18 months

Dr. Blau speaks English fluently.

Praxis fuer Innere Medizin und Gastroenterologie Dr. med. M Hanig Dr. med. S. Blau Dr. med. M. Seip Dr. med. A. Borchers
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Dr. med. Sabine Blau