Endoscopy (“looking inside”)

Modern endoscopic methods for examining the digestive tract are low-stress, simple procedures which allow diagnosis and treatment.

The tubes now used in endoscopy are flexible and less than one centimetre in diameter. They contain both an optical system to display the intestinal wall on a monitor, and a channel for special instruments to, for example, take tissue samples or excise polyps.

Endoscopic examinations are routinely carried out in our clinic. They are easily tolerated and cause no pain. Complications are rare. Follow-up visits or hospital care in a nearby clinic are only required in exceptional cases. Our endoscopes are cleaned and serviced to the highest hygiene standards, and independent health institutes regularly review our procedures. This prevents any diseases from being transmitted.

During your pre-procedure consulation we will discuss the option of a sedative injection (pre-medication) with you..

If you agree to an injection, this is how the sedative will work: In just a few seconds, you will fall asleep and be completely relaxed. You will continue to breathe on your own, and retain all protective reflexes. This situation is comparable to deep sleep, and not a narcotic state. The sedative leaves your body very quickly, you will awaken directly after the procedure and as if from a deep sleep. You will have no memory of the examination.

If a sedative is provided, the patient is legally required to NOT drive a vehicle NOR ride a bicycle after the procedure.
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