Colonoscopy is an excellent method, the gold standard even, when it comes to screening for colorectal cancer. Our clinic performs around 4000 colonoscopies each year.

Colorectal cancer develops from benign lesions (intestinal polyps), which may go unnoticed for many years. The development of colon cancer can be very effectively prevented by immediately excising any polyps seen during the examination.
Colonoscopy is also a standard examination when there is an unexplained change in the stool (constipation and diarrhoea), bleeding, or pain, and when inflammatory bowel disease is suspected.

Preparation: Before the examination, the intestine must be cleared out so that all of the intestinal wall can be seen clearly. In the middle of the day before the examination, the patient takes a laxative, and must not eat until after the examination. Drinks are permitted.

During the examination: During the examination: The procedure itself takes about 15-20 minutes. The endoscope is advanced through the anus until the beginning of the small intestine is reached. The medical assistant may support the scope’s advancement by applying pressure to the patient’s abdomen.
Carbon acis gas inflation will be used for a better view without causing abdominal spasms or flatulence. A sedative may be administered to ensure a painless procedure.

If a sedative is provided, the patient is legally required to NOT drive a vehicle NOR ride a bicycle after the procedure.
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